Bring Me the Head of the Chocolate Bunny Day!

While reality may modify my plans as may time & space, I have a plan in mind that requires that I know for sure if you are going to be particular if you will be here for the ever more fab egg hunt.

You are going to be so excited by what I've landed for prizes this year! I promise! So give me the infoz...

& I'm sure that is how to spell their name!

We are ALL absolutely over 18 years old

I'm so there!
I'm just not. Wow am I bummed.

, thanx 4 asking as we wouldn't want to miss the egg hunt action!

If things change before Bring Me the Head of the Chocolate Bunny Day, I'll let you know asap! I promise!
And of course I wouldn't hold it against you in any way if things are just too crazy with so many extra people & happenings at the compound goin down.

You can directly email [ come AT bringmetheheadofthechocolatebunnyday DOT com] or text or call me [510.385.7040] for that. Thanx!

We can't wait to see you!
for the Killer Banshee Compound Crew