Bring Me the Head of the Chocolate Bunny Day 2011

Join us at the Killer Banshee Compound for the 12th Annual

Bring Me the Head of the Chocolate Bunny Day

Sunday April 24, 2011, 4pm till Sugar Shock

We'll be
    • hunting eggs
    • slaughtering the bunny cake
    • orthodox egg wars
    • egg decorating
    • having way to much sugar sugar sugar
    • of course the option to snack out w/o sugar overload
    • and a much too rare moment of socialization

***There is a new personalized egg hunting bag in the works***
   So please make sure to RSVP (click here 4 rsvp).

As always...
    • Bring your fave ’Bunny Day’ treat ...if you need some inspiration,
       take a look at some of our favorites from previous year
    • Adults Only

So come party party.

The Killer Banshee Compound is located at
    2201 Curtis St. Oakland, CA 94607
    (1 blk E of Market, 1 blk S of W Grand in West Oakland)

    510.444.2649 is the line to the studio
    510.385.7040 / 510.385.7046 are banshee mobiles/text lines
    (Kriss / Eliot respectively)

Directions to the compound if'n you need them.

We can't wait to see you!!!

PS I was having fund with rollovers - did you see all of the important info that pops up when you rollover the brown & orange text? If your browser won't do it, then go here to see all of it inline.